Our history

Back in 1997, BKV started as an employment intermediary for doctors in the Netherlands; in recent decades, we also started to offer intermediary services to other healthcare professionals. Not only do we offer these services to professionals involved in secondary care, but also to those who work in preventative and primary care. These services are available both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our core business is personal intermediary services

We have now become the market leader and we are not only an intermediary, but also a labour market specialist and knowledge partner for the healthcare sector, but our core business continues to be professional and personal intermediary services. Every year, with the help of our consultants, the right healthcare professionals are found for thousands of job vacancies.

Innovative solutions for today's issues

Our services have expanded to include developing effective online vacancy platforms, supporting and managing administrative processes and developing knowledge. We work with leading organisations within the healthcare sector and with a large number of specialists. We also join forces with public authorities and trade associations to help to engineer solutions for labour market issues. One of those solutions is to facilitate the increasing need for more and improved cooperation between the various sectors in the healthcare industry and the flexible use of healthcare professionals. We believe that, with our wealth of experience, we are able to contribute significantly to this.

Dutch roots, international expansion

Throughout the years, BKV has operated from its office in Breda, in the Netherlands. The cordiality and no-nonsense mentality of this region is typical of the culture within our organisation. In 2011, we opened a branch in Germany, which enabled us to establish a strong foothold in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Our expansive network and strong position in the Netherlands also allows us to provide healthcare professionals with intermediary services and support in finding suitable jobs in other countries. Hundreds of medical specialists and other healthcare professionals have already commenced work through BKV in France, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Sweden and in the Caribbean. We work continuously on expanding international potential in terms of prospects and opportunities, in order to make the provision of care more effective. We are formed by our past and our ambition motivates us to always want to do things better. In conjunction with professionals and organisations within the healthcare sector!

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