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The right step for your career

As a healthcare professional, am I playing to my strengths? What am I good at? What do I want to achieve and where do my opportunities lie? Which path should I choose? How do I get there? Questions that are not always particularly easy to answer, but that are crucial in order to make an informed choice about your career advancement. BKV helps healthcare professionals to answer these questions. Whether you are a medical specialist, general practitioner, nurse, psychologist or, for example, a medical student; we help you to clarify the questions and, if required, we can match you with the right consultant or independent coach who can provide you with advice. BKV has forged strong links with the healthcare sector. Every day, we have conversations with healthcare professionals and representatives of healthcare institutions. All of these interactions at various levels in the healthcare sector ensure a breadth of in-house expertise in employment mobility. Motivated coaches and career advisors, who have experience within the healthcare sector, will support you in taking the right step in your career. They often have backgrounds as healthcare professionals, which helps to develop a thorough understanding. 

Who am I, what do I want?

Do you know what you want? Where do your ambitions lie and what can you do to achieve those ambitions? Questions that are not particularly easy for everyone to answer. BKV helps healthcare professionals to answer these questions and supports them in finding answers. We do that by coaching you in areas where you believe this is necessary. Whether you require career coaching, or support with an outplacement, our company can offer a professional advisor suited to your needs. Our career tool, job descriptions and information events will help you to find an answer to any questions that you may have about your career.

Which discipline and which job is suited to me?

As a healthcare professional, do you have doubts about your current job? Or perhaps you are certain that you would like to take a step forward! In all cases, additional information is useful. For example, about job-related aspects in combination with your personality. Or about the job in relation to your personal life, now and in the future. We can provide you with advice and help you to make this choice. A large percentage of our lives are spent at work. It is logical that, as a professional in the healthcare sector, you want to carefully determine the path your career will take. To be able to keep track of the many aspects of work, BKV offers a number of useful services. As a doctor, nurse, psychologist or other healthcare professional, this will help you to make a deliberate and well-considered choice. Because making the right choice will help you to stay the course.

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