Our added value

As an employment intermediary, BKV has unparalleled knowledge of what is happening within the healthcare sector. For more than 20 years, we have worked exclusively on behalf of organisations, doctors and other professionals in the healthcare sector. The knowledge and experience that we have gained means that we are a partner that knows what it is talking about. We are able to help deliberate and provide input at a more in-depth level. Over these 20 years, we have established extensive personal and online networks; these are meaningful networks, which allow those working within the healthcare sector to easily find one another. These are also broad networks, comprising a large variety of professionals working in different sectors. Organisations and healthcare professionals located abroad are increasingly becoming part of our transnational networks. We make sure that we look a long way ahead, into the future of the healthcare sector and we translate what we see into today's opportunities and prospects. That is the strength of our experienced employees, through whom we make a difference and add value to everyone with whom we work.

We take responsibility

That is because BKV is an organisation with zeal. Our people have passion for their profession and the mainstay of our business is trust. Our internal vision and culture focus on openness, transparency and taking responsibility. A working culture in which talent can emerge. It is that experience that we are happy to pass on to the people with whom and for whom we work.

We push boundaries

Our consultants go that extra mile when required, push boundaries and encourage others to push their boundaries. They do what they promise and if things take a slightly different path, they communicate this concisely. Passionate people work at BKV. They are all different, but they work with a single goal in mind: to do their best. Quite simply, it is much nicer to do a good job and to find a sound solution for a satisfied healthcare professional or client.

We are committed to effectiveness

BKV is an alert organisation: ready to capitalise on opportunities, to see trends and to respond proactively. Our organisation is open, creative and flexible, an organisation which closely monitors market developments and the needs of healthcare professionals and clients. A level that we maintain through professional knowledge, a genuine connection and job satisfaction. We use our numerous years of knowledge to continue to develop and innovate, to ensure that we can always offer the most effective solutions.

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